Stock-Exchange technology for 


is a hardware implementation of the idea of a solution uniting a remote transaction station for the international market, on the one part, and a new format of relations between a bank and a customer, on the other part.

Basic complex

Designed for installation in the networks of banks

Mobile complex

Designed for owners iPad & Tablet PCs



Hardware-software complex (HSC) - "Stock-Exchange Machine" terminal realizes the idea of ​​combining into a single solution the sensory terminals (panels, modules), remote terminal for IMM and other markets trading on the one hand, and new format (form) of the bank-client relationship on the other. This solution allows us to supply a wide range of customers with an easy and convenient way of making transactions in the markets and stock exchanges, substantially simplifying the scheme of "entering" the market (position opening) and "exiting" the market (position squaring).
In addition, customers have a unique opportunity not only to keep their money in the account at weekends and public holidays, but also to work with it on these days and obtain real income (real inflow), carrying out sales transactions on any available network (networks) that operate HSC - terminals "Stock-Exchange Machine" market tools.
This invention is based on implementation of the new algorithm (format) for the client-bank relationships. Here, for clarity and simplification of profit-loss calculation on client’s transaction the client (user) interface displays the transaction output ratio which allows the client to accurately judge the transaction result (profit-loss). Such terminal are classified as banking equipment and can be placed in business centres, dealing centres, offices, banks, leisure clubs. 
The HSC - terminal "Stock-Exchange Machine" operates both by the principles of traditional markets and exchanges and, on weekends and holidays, through the “Stock-Exchange Machine” HSD feedback unit – that is, when making a purchase / sale the customers give a price quotation on the tool within the network of the bank operating the HSC. 
The source for price quotation can be the quotations of the bank itself, as well as of renowned information agencies – Reuters, Bloomberg, Tenfore, and dealing centres which provide access to trade operations on markets and exchanges through the Internet.
The transactions technology of the "Stock-Exchange Machine" terminals claims the role of an innovation in transactions on markets and exchanges (the principles of commission thereof) and is a novelty in terms of giving consumers a fundamentally new way (access) to the commission of such transactions. As a comparison – a coffee vending machine does not invent coffee, but it gives an innovative, simple and affordable way to give the customer a finished drink.

Operation Principle  

The HSC “Stock-Exchange Machine” terminal operates in the real-time mode during the trading hours.
During the session, client selects a tool (for example - currency pair), the value of the contract and limit losses for the selected trading instrument. Then, according to their expectations and current price feed whose changes form the transaction factor value, the client opens a trading session on a certain direction through a purchase / sale transaction for a commercial instrument (currency pair). According to the current client ratio (transaction ratio) at the time of sale, the “Stock-Exchange Machine" calculates the amount of profit / loss and displays the customer's cash balance formed by the transaction. Thus one sales cycle is complete. The number of sales cycles within a single session is limited only by the remaining funds in customer accounts. Sales cycle can be completed by force if, as a result of price changed for selected trading instrument, the residue cash balance got used up. 


A significant advantage is that the HSC terminal eliminates the need for complex and lengthy procedures for customer pre-registration, opening bank accounts, money transfers to dealing centre. All transactions and payments are made directly with the client through the terminal in place.


The HSC - terminal "Stock-Exchange Machine" can be used as equipment for stock exchange, banks’ dealing centres or Commercial and Settlement Centres of banks when placed at business centres and stock-oriented leisure clubs.      
Also, perhaps most importantly, this new format of the client-bank relationship enables banks to transform into a network of trade and settlement centres attracting clients' funds by providing the investor (client) with a convenient and easy way to invest on their own choice, without intermediaries.

Area of Use

The intended end user of this product (“Stock-Exchange Machine” terminal) is 10%-15% of the population in any area.
Further development intends to bring this project to the level of global and regional networks of banks, thus forming a new segment on the services market.

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